Om Henning Langberg

Professor, Department of Public Health, Copenhagen University
Title: DSc, PhD, MSc, Pt
Phone: +45 3531 2710
Research focus
The overall focus of my research will in the future be on evidence based rehabilitation.With the increasing number for elderly citizens and with more and more people being physical inactive the western society is facing large challenges in the coming decades. The costs to care and treatment will increase dramatically as a result of this and there will be a need for inventing new therapies to deal with this challenge.Physical Activity is known to be able to both prevent as well as to treat most types of lifestyle diseases e.g. metabolic syndrome, diabetes, KOL and cardiovascular diseases. However it is difficult to encourage people to become physical active. This is one of the major research challenges of the future.An active approach instead of passive care will allow elderly to stay independent longer at home and thus reduce the cost to health care. However the organization of the active approach needs to be developed. In addition we need to understand how to tailor the active rehab to the elderly to prevent loss of function, as well as to determine the most important predictors for loos of function to allow general partitioners to detect the individuals that need active rehab to maintain full function.
Peer reviewed scientific publications – search on PubMed
Doctoral thesis: “Response of tendon associated connective tissue to mechanical loading in humans” 2007
PhD thesis:The human Achilles tendon – circulatory and metabolic changes with exercise” 2000

Department of Public Health – University of Copenhagen